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Product price: $20

Limonene: 6.5mg/g
Pinene: 3.1mg/g
Caryophyllene: 10.7mg/g

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The Geranimals Infused pre-roll by MMG is a steal at $20. The THC percentage, 59%, is high enough to make even dedicated stoners salivate. Inside the pre-roll, you’ll find ground-up weed mixed with bits of golden crumble.

Appearance 4/5

Thin, nut-brown paper is wrapped tightly against a puddle of greenish weed and golden specs of concentrate. There are no stems or seeds to be found.

MMG might have used nugs or trim to create this pre-roll. It was expertly rolled, there are no poking bits sticking out, nor is there a sloppy crease to look at.

Aroma 3/5

The aroma is difficult to place. The pre-roll smells like regular weed mixed with earthy mud. A softer, more delicate scent lingers underneath. No one is going to go out of their way to smell this bud. That being said, I’ve smelled a lot worse.

Taste 2/5

Okay. This is going to sound weird. But you know that foul, slightly sweet taste that lingers in your mouth after a long bout of vomiting? That’s what this weed tastes like. It’s INCREDIBLY off-putting.

Moreover I don’t know if I picked up a bad batch, or if something else was wonky, but this did not taste normal. The flavor becomes easier to bear after the smoke slides out of your throat. Disgusting.


Effect 4/5
I have a soft spot for infused pre-rolls. They’re quick, dank, and ready to take you from sitting on your couch to spinning around the room in a dizzying high. You don’t have to smoke a lot before you feel it, either.

If you’re human, you’re going to feel the THC coursing through your body almost immediately. It’s unavoidable; the sensation slams into you like a thick hit.



Greenish weed and golden specs of concentrate 80%


The pre-roll smells like regular weed mixed with earthy mud 60%


It’s INCREDIBLY off-putting 40%


It’s unavoidable; the sensation slams into you like a thick hit 80%

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