Kosher kush strain


Buy Kosher Kush Strain Online. Very experienced is typical of many heavy load indicators, resulting in considerable relaxation and relief from pain.

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Kosher kush strain

Kosher Kush is also mightily refreshing – tasting of citrus, pine, and spice.

What strains are in Kosher Kush?

Kosher Kush genetics
  • OG Kush.
  • 24k Gold.
  • Holy Grail Kush.

What does Kosher Kush smell like?

The scent of Kosher Kush is quite earthy, intensifying as its buds are broken up. Its taste is also pleasantly earthy with undertones of pine in its aftertaste. A well-cultivated batch will render dense, dark green nugs with a light dusting of resinous trichomes.

Is Kosher Kush Cali?

Cali Kush Farm’s Kosher Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that will bless your body into a tranquil state of bliss.

Jew Gold
Reserva Privada reports that Kosher Kush began as a popular Los Angeles-based strain that was jokingly called Jew Gold, or “JG” for those who err on the side of subtlety. Jew Gold is a variety of cannabis of unknown lineage , with mostly indica genetics, that has a few notable descendants in its line.

What does Kosher Kush help with?

Some of the physical conditions, just to name a few, that Kosher Kush marijuana can help with, includes insomnia, lack of appetite, physical stress, chronic pain, muscle spasms and tension, cramping, migraines and more.

Is Kosher Kush easy to grow?

Kosher Kush is easy to trim and suitable for different feeding schedules. The flowering cycle takes 9-10 weeks and the harvest reaches 450-550g/m2. This is the strain for indoors cultivation. The smoke offers a tart earthy taste with a pine hints and brings a deep relaxation.

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