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Sherbert, also known as “Sherbet”, “Sherbert OG”, “Sunset Sherbet”, and “Sunset Sherbert” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This strain exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and carefree state of mind.

What is Sunset sherbet?

Sunset Sherbet is officially classified as an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid, boasting an 85% indica, 15% sativa ratio. As mentioned above, it partially derives from the immensely popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. GSC has turned into a global phenomenon, with fans all over who are loyal to its righteous high.

How much CBD is in Sunset sherbet?

Sunset Sherbert – CBD Flowers – 19.4% CBD, Under 0.3% THC.
What terpenes are in Sunset sherbet?
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At 32%, beta caryophellene makes up the majority of Sunset Sherbet’s terpene profile. Rounding out its top three are limonene (17%) and fenchol (11%). Other terpenes like humulene and linalool are also present and each makes up 9% or less of the strains overall profile.

Is Sunset sherbert a good outdoor strain?

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Check out Leafly’s Growing Guide to get tips and advice from expert growers. Climate: A warm climate (70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) will allow this strain to take off and reach its full potential. Indoor/Outdoor: Sunset Sherbet grows well both indoors and outdoors.

What is Sunset sherbet good for?

Sunset Sherbet weed combines the body-relaxing effects of a traditional indica with the energetic, uplifting effects of a mild sativa. This is an essential strain for small social gatherings with close pals. It is also great for exploring artistic and thought-provoking shows, movies, art, music, etc.

Is Sunset sherbet hard to grow?

Experienced Sunset Sherbet growers rate its growth difficulty as moderate to hard. This is primarily because finding authentic genetics for this strain is tough. Once you have Sunset Sherbet seeds in your hand, you can try to grow them outdoors.

Is Sunset a sherbet Autoflower?

Read on to find out what she has to offer. Sunset Sherbet Automatic is an indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid resulting from a potent pairing of two monster strains. Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties came together to create a bold autoflowering specimen for the new generation.

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